We’re planning Victorian Law Week 2022 and we’d love you to be involved

What is Victorian Law Week?

Victorian Law Week is a program of community events and activities that makes learning about the law easy.

It helps Victorians understand their rights, find answers to their legal questions, know what help is available and how our legal system works.

Legal problems are the problems of everyday life, and Victorian Law Week activities address a range of practical issues – from housing and medical decision-making, to scams and problems at work.

The program is managed by the Victoria Law Foundation, with events and activities run by a range of organisations, including neighbourhood houses, community legal centres, law firms, libraries, government bodies, community organisations, the courts – and more.

We know that neighbourhood houses are the heart of their local communities – and no-one understands the needs of the community better. We encourage you to get involved in Victorian Law Week to help deliver valuable legal information and advice to those who need it most.

“Having unresolved legal issues and being unable to access legal services can have a serious impact on a person’s ability to participate in community life.  I encourage our member organisations to embrace Victorian Law Week, and the opportunity to provide community members with access to free legal assistance and information.”

Nicole Battle, CEO of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria

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Click through our guide for Neighbourhood Houses Victoria members, to find out how you can participate in Victorian Law Week, the support available to you and more!