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The content below was provided for Victorian Law Week 2021, which ran from 17 to 23 May 2021. It is general legal information only and not legal advice. Please refer to our disclaimer.

Changes for casuals – update on your working rights for young people

This participant-driven webinar explains the changes to the law relating to casual employees – be empowered with the information you need to stand up for your own rights at work!

Presented by JobWatch

Consent, sexting, sex offences and sexual harassment

This webinar for teenagers and young adults under 25 explores the laws about consent, sexting, sex offences and sexual harassment.

Presented by Youthlaw

Courts and technology

In this webinar, a panel of judges and a member of the County Court’s Technology Team explores the use of technology within the County Court.

Presented by County Court of Victoria

Courts and the media

In this webinar, a panel of judges and members of the County Court’s Media Team explores the relationship between media and the court.

Presented by County Court of Victoria

Cross-examine a barrister

Have you ever wanted to be the one to put the tough questions to a barrister? Here is your chance to ask those questions to a panel of barristers.

Presented by Victorian Bar

Discrimination in the workplace for CALD youths

This webinar for young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds will explore what to do if faced with discrimination at work.

Presented by Lander & Rogers

Exposing corruption – how IBAC handles corruption complaints

Find out how IBAC, Victoria’s independent anti-corruption agency, prevents and exposes public sector corruption and police misconduct.

Presented by The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC)

How mediation changed due to COVID-19

Hear from a panel of mediators who deal with neighbourhood, rent and building disputes about the recent changes to mediation, including the new technology introduced due to COVID.

Presented by Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria

Image-based abuse and young people

Image-based abuse occurs when an intimate photograph, video or image is shared (or threatened to be shared) without the consent of the person pictured. This webinar discusses image-based abuse of young people and what to do if you’re a victim. The session incorporates an interactive quiz.

Presented by Deakin Law School

Maintaining trust in Victoria’s integrity system

Learn how the Victorian Inspectorate’s unique role in Australia helps to provide a voice for those interacting with organisations such as the Victorian Ombudsman and IBAC.

Presented by Victorian Inspectorate

Making our courts more compassionate, one dog at a time

Giving evidence in court is one of the most stressful events that a person can experience. Meet Lucy and Kiki, the court dogs who provide comfort and emotional support to people of all ages.

Presented by Office of Public Prosecutions

Mental illness and the law

In this VCE Legal Studies session, a panel of judges and a member of the County Court’s Integrated Services Program explore mental illness and the law.

Presented by County Court of Victoria

More than just the road toll – the impact of alcohol on health and safety

Find out how the Coroners Court of Victoria works to prevent unnecessary deaths in the community and what is involved in the coronial process when alcohol-related deaths occur.

Presented by Coroners Court of Victoria and Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Sentencing sex offences – what do jurors think?

What do jurors in trials involving sexual offences think of the sentences ultimately imposed? Find out what the National Jury Study revealed about jurors’ views and the factors driving community concerns with the sentencing of these offences.

Presented by Sentencing Advisory Council

Stalking and law reform – the role of the Victorian Law Reform Commission

This session explores the role and functions of the VLRC and its current enquiry into stalking.

Presented by Victorian Law Reform Commission

The role of the Ombudsman – a new age of human rights?

Learn how human rights are protected and promoted in Victoria by the Victorian Ombudsman and the courts.

Presented by Melbourne Law School

What’s in a sentence

In this webinar a panel of three judges, including the Chief Judge of the County Court, discuss all things sentencing and answer your questions.

Presented by County Court of Victoria

Women in the law

A panel of female County Court judges, researchers and lawyers speak about their career experiences and explore what needs to be done to ensure women going through the justice system are treated fairly and equitably.

Presented by County Court of Victoria