4 weeks to go

Your goal this week

Reach a wider audience.

Share your event with other networks

Now that you’ve announced your event in your own circles, it’s time to share your event with other networks.

Who else might be interested in your event?

Think about who else may benefit from attending your event. Who is your information important to?

Where can you find these people?

Next, consider where these people are.

  • Are they members of other organisations?
  • Do they use related services?
  • Are there specific locations that they visit often?
  • Are they particularly active on a certain social media platform?
  • Are they members of social media groups? Which ones?
  • Do they read a particular magazine?
Meet your new audience where they already are.

This week, reach your audiences in places they already are and on platforms they already use. This might mean…

  • Approaching magazine editors
  • Contacting Facebook group administrators
  • Getting in touch with another organisation

Pitch your event by highlighting how your event will be helpful to their audience.


Attend our free webinar on presentation skills

We’ve created the templates on this page to make things easier for you. However, please feel encouraged to craft your own unique social media posts, email newsletters and posters if you prefer.

(Just a gentle reminder that any material you create using the Victorian Law Week logo needs to be approved by us. Please email this material to events@victorialawfoundation.org.au.)