1 week to go

Your goals this week

  • Plan your social media coverage.
  • Prepare for collecting information we’ll ask for after Law Week.
  • Schedule a tech rehearsal.

What we'll ask you for post-event

If you haven’t already…

  • Make a list of photos you would like to capture during the event.
  • Brief your photographer with this list.
  • Provide your photographer with this link for uploading photos.

Set a reminder to record attendance numbers. (You may forget in the flurry of activity.)

If you’re recording your event (e.g. your webinar), remember to upload it somewhere to share with us (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc.) Remember to set links as unlisted or private if your consent requires it and we’ll reach out to you following the event with more guidance on sharing media.

Aside from getting a sense of how your event is being received by observing and speaking with attendees, you may wish to create a physical or digital feedback form. Think about how to capture what matters for attendees and what information would help you measure success.

After Law Week, we’ll be sending you – our event organisers – a feedback survey. Make a note of anything you would like to tell us.

Social Media Coverage

Before you engage in any social media coverage, remember to always obtain consent from participants and be mindful of whether the following ideas are appropriate for your event, particularly if your attendees are part of vulnerable groups.


Share behind-the-scenes action (perhaps a photograph of your presenter, or venue bump-in) on Instagram Reels or Facebook Live.

Capture photographs from the day and post these to your Instagram and Facebook Stories.

If you created a hashtag for your event (for example, we’ve created #LawWeekVic2022 for Victorian Law Week as a whole), monitor this hashtag and reshare attendee-generated content that has been shared with you.

Instagram Reels

Creating and sharing

Facebook Live

How to go live using a phone


How it works

Schedule a tech rehearsal

Remember that the toolkit has a wealth of resources to help you, as you put the final touches on your presentations.