Spreading the word – tips and resources for Event Partners

So you’ve submitted your event and the program is live. Great! Now it’s time to promote your event. This section provides advice on how to attract an audience, along with important resources to help your promotion.

If you’re looking for event planning and delivery tips check out our ‘Planning and delivering your event‘ page to help you make sure your event runs smoothly and that you can measure your success.

Get started with Victorian Law Week logos and templates

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to affiliate your event with Victorian Law Week, so have made a full set of logos and promotional templates available for your marketing. Make sure you read the Logo use guidelines, and please let us know if there are other resources that would help you.

To help the right audience get to your event, it’s important to know exactly who you want to attend and keep that in mind for all your promotion efforts. Here are some tips to consider.

How to effectively speak to your audience

  • Choose language that is commonly used by your audience. Avoid jargon and industry terminology.
  • Consider how your event will meet the specific legal needs of your audience and use this in messaging.
  • Keep in mind how you want your audience to benefit from your event and use this in messaging.
  • Create a ‘voice’ you will use in your messaging to talk to your audience.

How to reach your audience

The most effective way to reach your audience is to meet them where they already are. It’s important to think beyond your usual network of contacts. Here are some things to think about:

  • How does your audience like to receive information and in what format?
  • Are there organisations or people that already talk to and influence your audience?
  • Are there places online or in-person that your audience frequent or will go to look for this information?

Consider reaching out to many different groups, pages, clubs or organisations as they might share information about your event for free:

  • Community groups or businesses that connect with your audience
  • Organisations or individuals with large relevant followings (Government groups, influential organisations and prominent individuals)
  • Social media pages (eg local community pages, region based pages, hobby/interest pages, university pages and professional associations)
  • Free Local event listing websites
  • Community noticeboards.

Using social media

Using your existing social media pages is a great way for you to easily promote your event; it’s candid, accessible and can be done easily from your smartphone. Once you have posts on your socials you can reach out to other groups, individuals, organisations and pages to ask them to share posts about your event and reach a bigger audience.

Some tips for social media:

  • Include images or short videos in social media posts to interest people.
  • Focus on images/videos that are relevant to the theme of your event and your audience.
  • Keep the tone casual and easy to read with short passages of text.
  • Consider asking to post in social groups or pages.

If you’re on Twitter you can use the hashtag #lawweek and tag us @VicLawFoundn

If you’re on Facebook you can tag us @YourLawVic

Posters and Flyers

You might also want to consider offline event promotion marketing such as posters and flyers.

Think about putting posters in places your audience goes, such as:

  • Community centres and hubs
  • Local businesses
  • Libraries
  • Supermarkets
  • Sports organisations.

Please note if you are creating a print document and are intending to using our logo this must be approved by us before final production. Please see our guide on how to use the Victorian Law Week logo then send us your document for approval.

Remind your registrants about your upcoming event

Not everyone who registers for your event will attend, but there are some things you can do to encourage attendance. 

Remind your registrants that your event is coming up – either via your own email, or by sending a message through your registration platform, such as Eventbrite.

Make sure your event is easy to find. If it is online, make sure your reminder emails include instructions on how to join. If in-person, include instructions about how to get to the venue.

Learn more

Read in depth about these tips and more in the ‘Spread the word’ walkthrough, covering the above content in depth, as well as outlining how to engage with the media to get coverage!