David vs Goliath – When Craft and Copyright Collide

We’ve all heard the horror stories. A big, household name brand steals a design from an artist and sells it in their stores cheaply. Or maybe a bot scours Twitter looking for tweets about art with comments like “I want this on a shirt”, takes the art and sells it on a shirt. We’ve seen small wins by artists in minor battles, but large-scale victories are few and far between. Good news stories about crafts are even rarer.

So how does craft fit into the copyright story?

Taking On A Corporate Giant

Victoria Balva is an artist who works with the medium of glass. Her stained-glass domes and skylights can be seen across America, Canada, and Europe. Having never worked in China, she was surprised to see a stained-glass dome being made for Huawei’s new headquarters that was strikingly similar to her own work.

This led her to contact Nikken, a Japanese architectural and interior design company that was creating the dome and, eventually, a 4-month long legal battle that resulted in Nikken agreeing to redesign the dome. The new design, while still similar to Balva’s work, was deemed to be original.

A Win?

Fighting for your craft can be expensive and exhausting. Despite winning this claim, Balva states “I had financial expenses that I did not intend to have … I experienced a lot of negative emotions while I was working on this case … Sadly, four months of my professional life were taken away. The case has not been fully resolved.”

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