Support your community this Victorian Law Week

We’re planning Victorian Law Week 2022, and we’d love you to be involved.

Victorian Law Week is a program of community events that makes learning about the law easy.

It is not a CPD program, careers expo, award ceremony or an ‘industry thing’.

Victorian Law Week is designed to help everyday people understand their rights, find answers to their questions, learn what help is available and how our system works. In addition, it is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge, your organisation, and your brand.

Victorian Law Week is an opportunity to share your expertise and experience with the Victorian public. It’s such an important week in the legal calendar and I encourage all LIV members to get involved, help the community to understand what we do every day to contribute to our community.

Tania Wolff, President, Law Institute of Victoria

There are many ways you can get involved

The Victorian Law Week program is managed by Victoria Law Foundation, but events are run by you, so you can choose how you want to take part.

Check out our event criteria to see what we will accept into the program.

A good place to start is to talk to your local community

Reach out to a local community organisation, like Neighbourhood Houses or libraries. They will tell you exactly what the immediate community need is, whether it be information about online safety, understanding employment rights, or providing advice on wills and estates.

Partnering with a community organisation such as a Neighbourhood House or local library

There are many benefits to partnering with a community organisation. As mentioned, they will have knowledge of the types of legal issues the immediate community is experiencing.

Secondly, partnering with a community organisation may provide an opportunity to speak to their existing community members.

Further, in addition to Victorian Law Foundation offering promotional support, the community organisation may also be able to assist in organising, marketing, and hosting the event.

Collaborating with your local community can also increase an organisation’s brand awareness and individual profiles.

Webinars and information sessions

Webinars or information session on relevant legal topics are always popular and a great way to share your expertise.

If you’re thinking of running a webinar or information session, consider the purpose of the event and the audience you are trying to reach. If you can clearly define these two elements, then you’re well on your way to creating a meaningful event that will benefit your community.  Check out our guide to creating a meaningful event.

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Free legal consultations

Offering free legal consultations is a great way to use your expertise to support your local community – and they are also simple to organise and promote. Free legal consultations are also a useful brand awareness opportunity for you and your organisation.

When you’re working out the duration of the appointments you will be offering, please allow sufficient time to obtain instructions and provide meaningful preliminary information or advice during the appointment. To do that, you might want to limit what can be covered during the appointment and the help you can provide.

For example, rather than offering to provide advice on any wills or estate planning matter, you might offer to simply review an existing will and provide advice about what needs updating during the appointment.

Again, this can be an excellent opportunity to raise your brands profile within the immediate community.

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Want to know more? Get in touch!

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, or simply want to know more about taking part, we’d love to hear from you.

Looking for more advice? Read our guide on planning your activity

We want you to get the most out of your Victorian Law Week activity. Read our guide to help your planning:

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Registrations are now open for Victorian Law Week events!

Before registering we recommend that you read the guide pages listed above and preview our event registration form.

Registrations close at 5:00 pm Friday 18 March 2022.