Law Week for Uni Students

Law Week is an opportunity for students and young people to engage with the law in fun and exciting ways. Whether you want to learn about your legal rights, see the inside of a court without getting a criminal record or get some insider tips on kickstarting your law career, Law Week will have something for you.

Know your rights

Young people have specific legal needs and it can be difficult to know how to find help. If you have questions about renter rights, Centrelink, Myki fines, bills or more, there are Law Week events that will help you find the answers you need.

Explore the law

Grab a group of mates and take a night time ghost tour. Or take a rare chance to explore the County Court’s holding cells, which have held the likes of Tony Mokbel and Carl Williams.

Figure out your future

Want a career in the law? Then don’t miss Law Week. You can speak to judges, barristers and clerks to find out how to start your career and hear from successful lawyers about how to strike a work-life balance.

We’ve curated a selection of events we think you’ll like if you’re a uni student or young person, but you can check out our full program for a complete list of events.

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