Hosting an event

Hosting a Law Week event is a great way of showcasing the work that you do in the legal sector among the community.

You can register to host an event for Law Week 2020 and help make it our biggest Law Week yet! Fill in the form below or contact our Events team.

What is Law Week?

Law Week is a seven-day community festival of law-related events and activities that makes learning about the law easy. It is part of a national initiative to broaden the community’s knowledge and understanding of the law and their legal system.

In 2019 over 100 Event Partners hosted more than 280 events around the state with 13,200 people attending across the week.

When is Law Week?

18 May to 24 May 2020.

Law Week takes place in the third week of May each year.

Who runs Law Week?

Law Week is coordinated by Victoria Law Foundation. The foundation is responsible for curating the program and promoting it to the community.

What’s involved in running a Law Week event?

Law Week Event Partners plan and deliver all events.

For your Law Week event to be accepted into Victoria’s Law Week program, the event must be law-related and open to the general public. We also encourage event listings to be free or low cost. Event Partners must use the Law Week logo in promotional materials for your event and acknowledge Victoria Law Foundation as the presenter of Law Week.

How much does it cost?

It is free to register an event for Law Week.

Submit a Law Week event

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