Your super, your future

To put it simply, your superannuation fund is your retirement savings fund.

Every pay period, your employer must set aside a percentage of your pay into the fund and over time with some handy investment and compound interest your super will grow. Then when you reach the “age of preservation” – also known as “the age at which you can access all those sweet savings” – you can start taking money out of the fund and living your retirement dreams.

Devastatingly not all employers abide by the law – too many employers simply don’t pay superannuation and that’s illegal. It overwhelmingly impacts young workers and that means you could be left struggling to buy food and pay rent in retirement.

Hear from a representative from Australian Super and team members from the Young Workers Centre about what to do if you have had your superannuation stolen.

Presented by Young Workers Centre

Wednesday 19 May

Victorian Trades Hall Council – 54 Victoria Street Carlton South, VIC 3053
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