Women in International Affairs – Dr Carrie McDougall, Melbourne Law School

The impartiality of the law is one of its foundational principals. Yet history shows that for basic rights, such as the vote and access to education, the law was not always impartial. Great progress is being made, but women remain underrepresented in international legal bodies.

Luckily, the solution lies in the law as well – in the global effort to empower women, international law is one of our most powerful tools. Bodies like UN Women and treaties such as CEDAW are constantly pushing for greater representation for women in international law.

As part of its ‘Women in International Affairs’ series, AIIA Victoria invites you to celebrate the achievements of women in international law, reflect critically on the interplay between gender and the law, and meet extraordinary women currently forging careers in international law and international relations.

This webinar is presented by Dr Carrie McDougall.

Presented by Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria

This is a recording of a live Law Week webinar that was held on 21 May 2020.


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