Witness for the Prosecution – supporting survivors of sexual assault

How can we improve the legal system to better help survivors of sexual assault? An expert panel discusses the experiences of sexual assault survivors, their journey through the legal system and what can be improved to minimise their trauma, bring perpetrators to justice and make society safer.

The panel consists of:

Louise Milligan, an award-winning investigative journalist for ABC’s Four Corners and author of the book Witness, which charts the experiences of people courageous enough to come forward and face their abusers in high-profile cases of child abuse and sexual assault.

Jane Patrick, a retired County Court judge who sat in the criminal division for 10 years and conducted many sex offence hearings.

Michele Williams QC, Chair of the Post Sentence Authority.

Rachel Spencer, Associate Professor of Law and Director of Monash Law Clinics at Monash University, who will host the panel.

Presented by Sisters in Crime Australia


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