Wik vs Queensland at the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Wik v Queensland was a landmark land rights case. The High Court made the decision to grant native title co-existence to the Wik peoples but instead of being celebrated, the key players in the case were branded greedy and treated as the enemy. What happened?

The new documentary Wik vs Queensland delves into the complexities of the trial and its aftermath, with filmmakers hearing from key participants and reflecting on the impact of the decision nearly a quarter century on. The film provides powerful insight into the way Australia chose to acknowledge, respect and understand Aboriginal people back in 1996. It also provides a crucial reminder of the ways in which successive governments failed – and continue to fail – Aboriginal Australia.

After the screening, a panel of land-owners and legal experts will discuss the case, the current state of land rights in Australia and what the future holds.

Presented by The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival.

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