Who are those people in pink vests?

Ever attended a rally or march and wondered what those people in the pink vests were doing?

‘Legal observers’ often wear distinctive pink hi-visibility vests and are now a common sight at protests, marches and rallies throughout Melbourne.

But what is their role and what do they do? This interactive presentation will provide an overview of the history, the role and the human rights impact of volunteer citizen legal observers. From inner Sydney, Redfern in the late 1960s, to the World Economic Forum protests in 2000, to the harsh COVID lockdown of the Flemington and North Melbourne public housing towers in 2020, community activists, legal workers and movement lawyers have used various means to directly monitor police and hold them to account. Locally organised Cop Watch and legal observer initiatives have made a real difference to communities around Australia and around the world seeking reprieve from police targeting and violence. This talk and presentation will show how independent citizen monitoring of police can make a real difference in protecting our human rights.

Presented by Melbourne Activist Legal Support

Thursday 19 May

Live online event
This event is free

Law Week is finished for 2022. We look forward to seeing you next year.