[They Will Use] My First Name Film Launch

Learn about the experiences of people with intellectual disability when they are involved in the criminal justice system. Hear the voices of people with lived experience, and learn how their rights are denied, and how people who work in the justice system, such as lawyers, can provide a more inclusive service.

People with intellectual disability are over represented in criminal justice systems in Australia. They are commonly denied their rights when involved in the criminal justice system. They experience abuse, violence and assault at greater rates than others in custody. They are frequently unable to access essential disability supports in police custody, when they go to court, and in prison. People with lived experience of intellectual disability and the criminal justice system tell us that there are ways we can support them to access their rights, but are we ready to listen and change?

[They Will] Use My First Name is a virtual reality documentary film exploring the experiences of people with intellectual disability in the criminal justice system. Narrated by people with lived experience, the film places viewers in a prison cell, a court room, a police car and a prison yard, and demonstrates the ways in which rights are denied and abuse, exclusion and lack of support are allowed.

A panel discussion with a range of experts will follow the film viewing.

Presented by VALID

Wednesday 18 May

Live online event
This event is free



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