The ABC of DNA

Sisters in Crime Australia is again proud to join forces with the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, Victoria University, for its 14th Law Week event.

Forensic specialists Anna Davey and Dadna Hartman, together with true crime author Julie Szego, will talk to award-winning  journalist and true crime author Liz Porter about how DNA profiling has revolutionised criminal investigations since the 1980s. They will explore how it currently functions as a forensic technique and how it helps to identify unknown deceased persons.

The panel will also canvass the limitations of DNA profiling, the impact of DNA evidence in high-profile cases, and developments in the field that are likely to transform investigations in the future. A focus for discussion will, of course, be the differences between how DNA evidence is depicted in TV shows, such as CSI, compared to what happens in real life.

Presented by Sisters in Crime Australia

Funded by a grant from Victoria Law Foundation.


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