Restorative Justice – What is it & How Can it Complement the Justice System

Restorative justice brings together people who have committed a crime and the people that crime has affected in a conversation about the event. This can give a voice to the people involved and create a resolution and sense of peace between the victims and offenders of these crimes

The team from Open Circle, a new restorative justice service at RMIT’s Centre for Innovative Justice, discuss restorative justice, how it approaches the work and some case studies which demonstrate how valuable the process can be to parties impacted by a crime or other harm.

Findings from the Centre for Innovative Justice’s restorative justice conferencing pilot program for culpable driving offences will be explored and questions about how restorative justice processes can complement our criminal justice system will be addressed.

Presented by RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice

This is a recording of a live Law Week webinar that was held on 22 May 2020.

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