Resolving disputes over rent relief, retail leasing and small business matters

The Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) is helping Victorian small business owners and commercial landlords to avoid or resolve a range of disputes, including over:

  • commercial rent relief
  • retail leasing
  • small business matters

Acting Victorian Small Business Commissioner, Mark Schramm, will explore:

  • negotiating rent relief fairly – even though commercial tenants are no longer entitled to rent relief under law, the VSBC helps parties negotiate new agreements and resolve disputes at no cost
  • how the VSBC resolves disputes – they provide help early on and can bring the tenant and landlord together with an impartial mediator who has the skills to guide them in reaching an agreement that they determine
  • the benefits of mediation – parties have the chance to explore creative and business-driven solutions for resolving their dispute in a safe and confidential space via videoconference, and reach a resolution without needing to go to court

Presented by Victorian Small Business Commission

Monday 17 May

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