Protecting the work rights of international students

Finding work is one of the most important steps for international students who are newly arrived to Australia, but they can face obstacles along the way.

Migrant workers are at risk of discrimination, cultural and language barriers, insecure employment arrangements, and sometimes precarious visa arrangements. These issues make them vulnerable to exploitation.

Join Study Melbourne and Catherine Hemingway, Legal Director at the Migrant Justice Institute, to discuss the vulnerabilities newly arrived communities experience in the workplace, and the work that’s being done to support migrant workers.

This session will provide awareness and education, based on the strategic research and legal action undertaken by the Migrant Justice Institute.

If you’re an international student, or you work with international students, this session will provide vital information about work rights, identifying risks, and knowledge about tailored legal services to support international students.

Presented by Study Melbourne

Friday 20 May

Live online event
This event is free

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