Pro Bono Indigenous Business Clinic (hotline)

Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander business owner?  Get free legal advice from Warlows Legal.

Warlows Legal is dedicated to providing Indigenous communities with specialised legal advice which aims to provide a platform of legal services that deliver security and assurance to aspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders so that they can become an independent and integral part of the community. This project aims to build strong partnerships between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business community and legal advisors and introduce early intervention to prevent roadblocks that can lead to severe consequences down the line (cessation of services, bankruptcy).

Warlows Legal feels passionate about helping Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are increasingly choosing to start their businesses to overcome systemic barriers to economic participation. According to a 2019 article published by the University of Melbourne, entitled “Closing the Gaps in the Indigenous Business Sector”, the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in business or self-employed grew by 30% between 2011-2016.

This hotline will be open on Wednesday, 18 May between 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

If you feel that this service could be of assistance to you or someone you know, please contact us on 1800 935 975.

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Wednesday 18 May


This event is free

Hotline: 1800 935 975

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