Plain English is a Bankable Asset

Come to this information session to hear Andrew Pegler, a writer, editor and plain English trainer with 17 years’ experience, present a compelling new argument for plain English legal communication in a post-Hayne Australia. Andrew will call upon his recent work simplifying contracts and other legal collateral for leading Australian financial institutions and law firms.

The recent Banking Royal Commission brought into focus the need for transparency between financial institutions and their customers. For too long, clear communication has been a bankable asset overlooked by those best placed to provide it. Bank and insurance customers are expected to comprehend and responsibly commit to dense contracts for insurance, credit cards and home loans. We should be able to understand and act upon these confidently and at first reading. There is no need for a sea of foreign sounding legalese where naïve audiences drown in fine print. Lawyers must accept responsibility for communicating in a way that helps us fully comprehend our obligations — never leaving us confused, wary and mistrustful.

Presented by Andrew Pegler Media.

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