Negative Online Reviews: Unmasking Anonymity?

An anonymous internet user posts a negative, perhaps false, review about a business online. The business loses customers, money, and reputation as a result.

Who is accountable? Is this a fair system?

When it becomes a seemingly permanent fixture to an online presence on popular services, who, if anyone, is accountable in preventing the spread of defamatory material on its platforms.

Should accountability prevail in unmasking anonymity? What are the impacts generally of negative online reviews?

Find out the answers and more from defamation lawyer Darren Sanicki of Sanicki Lawyers, consumer psychologist and senior lecturer at University of Technology Sydney, Adrian Camilleri, and mediator and coach from Growing Beyond, Nicole Davidson, as they shed light on the recent developments.

Hear a Harvard-style negotiation that considers opportunities and obstacles for reaching agreeable terms.

Presented by The College of Law

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 — 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Live webinar

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