Monkey Selfies, AI Creation and IP: Hot Topics for 2020

What rights do robots – and monkeys – have?

Do copyright laws extend to works created by artificial intelligence (AI) or animals, or do they only protect humans? Where is the line between fair use and infringement for AI created works?

The rise in AI creation has raised fundamental questions in copyright law that are difficult to address. It’s important to understand how the artificial intelligence creative process operates.

Join us for an insightful panel session where you will hear from IP commercialisation strategist and CEO of Radian Global, Nick Stamatiou, IP Barrister and Patent Attorney, Ian Horak and legal tech start-up CEO of Josef, Tom Dreyfus who will shed light on the hot intellectual property topics for 2020.

Presented by The College of Law

This is a recording of a live Law Week webinar that was held on 21 May 2020.