Mocha Is Not Coffee!

Deb loves a skinny latte, Carolyn needs her English breakfast tea, Ledah takes their soy-milk chai latte with a shot of decaffeinated coffee and Athena adores mocha. On the cusp of multiple mental breakdowns, these four law students fear never receiving an entry-level legal job. It’s all fun and terror until one goes missing…

Mocha Is Not Coffee! is a new Australian play exploring the complex issue of law student mental health and wellbeing. Presented as part of Law Week 2019, it is being staged by the team at Norbury Productions, a Melbourne Independent Theatre group performing newly written plays that highlight legal issues in the community.

This production will entertain and educate audiences and open up conversations about the impact of mental health on legal professionals and law students.

Content warning: this play contains complex themes about mental health and sexual offences.

Presented by Norbury Productions.

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