Is a ‘friendly’ divorce or separation possible?

You can actually come out of a divorce or separation more empowered, more engaged and more enthusiastic about life after the marriage or relationship has ended. This is achieved with legal support in a formal collaboration process.

During this webinar, experts from Resolve Conflict Family Lawyers and Mediators and Nicholes Family Lawyers will walk you though how collaborative process (for example, One Family Two Homes) can help take the pain and the angst out of divorce and separation.

These experts will explain who this program is suitable for and the sorts of results it can achieve – using real case studies. They will also canvass what happens if this approach doesn’t work.

For anyone thinking of separation or divorce, this program is definitely worth looking at as it is proven to be much more effective than litigation. It doesn’t work for everyone though, so this webinar is a chance to find out if it’s for you.

Presented by Nicholes Family Lawyers
Resolve Conflict Family Lawyers and Mediators

Thursday 19 May

Live online event
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