Finding a job with a criminal record – what new spent convictions laws mean for you

Criminal record discrimination has disproportionately impacted Aboriginal people in Victoria. The CIJ’s Criminal Record Discrimination Project investigated the damaging effects of criminal record discrimination across Victoria and their new project, Rethinking Criminal Record Checks, will educate employers and job seekers about their rights and obligations in disclosing criminal history.

This panel discussion aims to provide jobseekers, particularly Aboriginal people who have a criminal record, with information and guidance to present their strongest case for employment to an employer. The discussion will also look at how criminal history is taken into account in employment decisions.

Panel members are:

  • Naomi Murphy, Aboriginal Community Engagement Worker
  • Michael Bell, Aboriginal Community Engagement Worker
  • Stan Winford, CIJ Associate Director
  • Bronwyn Naylor, RMIT Professor
  • Georgina Heydon, RMIT Associate Professor

Presented by RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice
Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation

Monday 17 May

Live online event
This event is free


Closed captioning is available.

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