Dispute resolution for small businesses

The Victorian Commercial Arbitration Scheme (VCAS) provides a fair, quick, flexible and inexpensive method of dispute resolution for small business owners.

If parties agree to use VCAS, they can receive a binding decision from a qualified arbitrator within 120 days of the process starting. The VCAS rules let the parties control the process – including the identity of the arbitrator and the place of hearings (online or in your country town or suburb).

This webinar explains how VCAS works – and how it can help you to sort out your disputes and get back to doing business.

The panel is headed by Professor Clyde Croft SC, an experienced arbitrator and a former judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria. He is joined by arbitrators Adam Rollnik and Fiona Cameron.

Presented by Victorian Bar

Thursday 20 May

Live online event
This event is free

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