Are you a victim of image-based abuse? Quiz and talk by Deakin Law School

Between 2020 and 2021, the Australian eSafety Commissioner received more than 25,000 reports from victims of image-based abuse. One-quarter of victims were under the age of 18. Research suggests that many more young people experience this abuse but don’t report it – are you one of them?  If so, this talk, and quiz will interest you.

Image-based abuse occurs when an intimate photograph, video or image is shared without the consent of the person pictured. It is a topical issue because of our increasing awareness of its prevalence and the distress that can be caused. Yet many people are unclear about what image-based abuse is and what can be done if they find themselves a victim.

This presentation by Professor Marilyn McMahon (Deakin Law School) and Dr Bianca Kletke (Deakin Psychology) will discuss image-based abuse and young people. Listen to the discussion, take the quiz, and become better informed on this important issue.

Presented by Deakin Law School

Tuesday 17 May

Live online event
This event is free

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