About Victorian Law Week

What is Law Week?

Victorian Law Week is a state-wide program of events that makes learning about the law easy. Understand your rights, find answers to your questions, know what help is available and learn how our legal system works.

Over 150 unique events take place across both metro and regional Victoria. Some of our events are virtual.

Whether it’s a webinar to help you navigate divorce, an in-person session to help you prepare a will, or a discussion on workplace discrimination, there’s bound to be an event that could help you.

Who runs Victorian Law Week?

Law Week is a national initiative, but it’s run separately in each state. In Victoria, it is managed by Victoria Law Foundation. The Foundation’s role is to promote Victorian Law Week as a whole. However, each individual event is run by community organisations, local libraries, neighbourhood houses and more.

Why Law Week?

Victorians need access to vital information about their legal rights and responsibilities. Law Week helps people find this information and learn how to act on it.

Why we have sponsors

Our sponsors are essential to the viability of Law Week.

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